Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We are not the manufacturers

Hello all! Long time i did not write. I am glad to tell you that our Manhattan, NYC is growing and our service points in Harlem, the east village and all around the area are going very well, with many more new costumers every week.

There was one point we have to clear: We are car locksmiths - we are not the manufacturers of auto remotes aor car VAT keys. We repaur these and change locks and ignitions - but we do not make remotes and keys altogether. If you have lost one of these and do not have a spare- then it will not be enough that we will open your car with our locksmith tools. in such situation you will have to go to the car company.

So reember that we can do almost anything - but not everything. We do change ignition switches but we don't make a new key for an old ignition unless you have a spare that we can duplicate.

All the best and a Happy New Yaer and happy hollidays for all the religions and New York communities!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Locksmith Toronto

We are pleased to announce that our company is growing and we now have a new locksmith service center in Toronto.
Yes We know that Toronto is in Canada, in the county of ontario - and nort in the united stated.

But who said we have to limit ourselves to the united states ? We want t o provide home security, and car lockout services to the people of canda too!

So as from this week we are servicieng every part of Toronto: North York, East York, York and old Toronto.

So you can visit our new website : Locksmith Toronto

See you there!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get To Know a New York auto locksmith

It is very common for many car owners to lock themselves out. Many times, people have found themselves locked out of their cars with no clue what to do. Many times the climate is not very good and people wait in the cold or freezing in heavy rain. It would be helpful if you had the number of a locksmith at hand. These people can come over at a short notice and all you would have to do is to wait for a few minutes while they work their magic on your car.

It helps you a lot if you have a number for a professional locksmith who can help you out in emergencies. These are people, professionally trained, and can unlock your car in a matter of minutes. There are a lot of services these locksmiths offer including lock installation, duplicate keys, high security locks for the people who want their cars very safe. They will also change keys and locks and repair any kind of locks. The rates these locksmiths charge are very reasonable for the work they do.

You can give them a call any time and they are able to fix the lock on your car within minutes. A car locksmith has his work cut out. Auto locksmiths have a much harder job than the locksmiths working on residences. They have to fashion out new keyholes for your car. However, they are professionals who have been trained for these jobs and handle any nuances on the job very well. They will be able to provide you with a new set of car keys and lock if you wish to do so. Ask around a little and settle on locksmiths with an excellent reputation. Select companies that have been around for some time and have a lot of experience in the field. After all you are letting them handle your car.

Contact car locksmith New York or call us for emergency service You can reach us now at 877-708-5877.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Opening auto locks

Opening auto locks
Auto and Cars lock picking service for car doors and locks
There are 2 ways to open your vehicle once it is locked and there is no key:
One way is to pick your cars lock by youself. It is best to have with some knowledge about lock picking, or a friend who is a locksmith and whose job is to car pick locks. That is the cheapest and fastest way to open your car door lock.

The second option is to call a professional experienced locksmith from a locksmith company that will arrive and open the car door lock immediately. If lock repair is needed these locksmiths are coming with spare parts and new auto locks and they will take care of all your auto lock needs.

Contact car locksmith New York or call us for emergency service – 877-708-5877

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Car Remotes - fix and program auto remote

Programming Keyless remotes entry systems

A remote keyless system is a system designed to remotely permit or deny access to premises or automobiles. There are many kinds and types of remotes and remote keyless entry systems by companies Philips, Atmel, y Microchip or Bosch
How to program a Remote keyless entry system

remote keyless systems for cars and Vehicles - (RKS) are functioning as a car key without physical contact; This mechanism performs the function of standard power door locks, but it can be locked or unlocked without actually using the key, and doing so from a couple of meters away from the vehicle.

A remote keyless system can also include an ignition keyless system known as RKI.

Contact car locksmith New York or call us for emergency service – 877-708-5877

Monday, July 20, 2009

keys locked in the Vehicle trunk

You locked your Vehicle keys in your Trunk!!!! Do not waste time calling the police department, they do anything unless there is someone locked in the Trunk. Better to call a good NYC Locksmith. Richard's car locksmiths are an experienced team of experts who know what they are doing, they are well trained for any Trunk lockout situation, and are ready to take your call!

Fast and reliable response to every local call: That is our service, that is what we stand for!.
If your car is still open you can try folding the back seat of the car and see if you can crawl into the trunk and reach for the car the keys.

If your vehicle is locked You better call the New York car locksmiths, Who are highly trained for any auto locksmith and vehicle lockout situation. Great service and affordable price guaranteed!

Call now: 877-708-5877. we will be at your service in no time, and help you with any car lock trouble!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

locksmiths combining forces

The Very well Known car Locksmith website: is going to work together with a New York locksmith company. The NYC company known as Pink locksmith will handle all the auto locksmith calls in the greater New York area in cluding its 5 boroughs.

Will Perry the cheif executive of has told the press that the new union is a first step in a bigeer plan to open branches in every city in the USA. The next Branches will also be in the area: New Jersey and Newark.

The NYC car locksmith and auto lock service center will be called: Car Locksmith New York. You are wellcome to view the website.

Need A locksmith expert? Call now: 877-708-5877. we will be at your service in no time, and help you with any car lock trouble!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

website for sale

After a whole year online , our website is finally ready for sale
The site is
and it is a prfect site for emergency autolocksmiths that would like to open a business or better their existing ones

many people enter the site everyday and look for car lockout and locksmith services

So contact us at

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More stuff about house safety

Important facts about house safety and home security

Personal safety should be a major part of maintaining our house. Many times we are consumed with stuff like home landscaping, home gardening, interior design, and stuff like that, until our house security tends to be pushed down the very end of our to do list.
Very often we consider our home security. Mostly we do only when there are obvious threats to the houses safety, or after we e became victims of the threats. During times as such , we realize the importance of house security and we see there are several reasons to invest in protecting our houses.
But house security mustn't wait until after we suffer from a traumatic break in. Get started as soon as possible! Lower the chances of having to deal with that trauma.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

auto keys and car locksmiths

Car locksmiths offer an extensive lineup of car keys for auto ,Along with car security keys and auto key.

The basic car keys, are the most popular type they operate by a mechanism very simple. All you need is a matching car lock cylinder. The cylinder turns in the lock, and opens the car door..

Bump car Keys

Bump auto Keys are unique key that open various types of car locks with alike mechanisms. Key Bumping is a great technique of a car locksmith expert..

Car Key Duplication Services

Car key Duplication is easy Any locksmith can duplicate car keys . Auto key duplication is fast and cheap.

Call now: 877-708-5877. we will be at your service in no time, and help you with any car lock trouble!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Calling a car lock expert

Car problems often require the replacement of existing car parts and the installation of new ones. A car lock and key locksmith company will help you out with these tasks. Car work is beyond your ability.Choose right , make the call and order a caer lock expert. With the right tools and time – a good locksmith can master the principles of a private car lock and key systems system.

locksmith code Replacing and installing auto locks require skill and care. Any task must be conducted cautiously and accurately.
Any locksmith car work you pay fpr should comply with the official USA locksmith code

Our new website in NYC: auto locksmith new York

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Emergency locksmith

There are various types of garage door emergencies that require us to take a serious look around at people that have tried to fix their garage doors by themselves and have unfortunately gotten injured while doing so.
It is best to hire a locksmith to take care of your house security needs. A good locksmith knows how to solve any home security issues. Locksmiths can install security bars, child bars and gates, safety and security doors and even install home alarm systems

Visit our New York, Manhattan locksmith website or call now 877-708-5877

Our services
Open Gas cap
rekey car lock

Thursday, April 23, 2009

apartment lockout locksmiths

Ever been locked out of your apartment? It can be a really frustrating experience. You just feel like breaking your home door altogether.... That is why it is very luckey that there are locksmiths you can always call and thay will come to your homes and repalce your lock ar remake your house door keys

Being a locksmith in the USA is a good job! You get to help people out , when thay really need you

Find a good one and keep him close to you

To our locksmith website: Auto key broke in NYC Call 877-708-5877

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Real Esatae Partnerships and home remodelling

The roofer's work contributes to buildings open to the wind and weather protection. The roof is the upward limit of a building. The duties of a roofer in a roof covering are diverse, including sealing and insulating walls and roofs, the installation of roof windows and solar cells. He works closely with the plumber, plumber sooner, and also often carry out their duties, say for example mounting of the gutter, the roof and wall flashings, etc

Want to learn more about home remodelling? Visit this unique website: real estate partnerships - this company are experts in renovation services, in home remodelling and in every aspect of real estate partnerships in every country - from the USA to The UK and from NYC to JCE.....

Contact the CEO- Gabi Mor Cellphone: 972-50-875-0827

rekey car locks NYC

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VAT and Transponder keys

Ther are a few kinds of advanced security systems for cars: 2 of them are VAT and Transponder keys.
VAT is short for vehicle anti theft system and it is something that prevents your cars engine to start without your own key.

Transponder chip keys are keys that have an electronic chip in them and they make sure that the key starting your auto ignition will be no other ten your own key.

Call now: 212- 989- 6000. we will be at your service in no time, and help you with any car lock trouble!

Auto door repair new york city

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Car Doors services

The Manhattan branch of Car Doors NYC, is the biggest and first service center of the company. Since its establishment in 1993, hundreds and hundreds of car doors have been installed, repaired and fixed, for many satisfied costumers around Manhattan.

When it comes to Car doors you don’t want to neglect your safety. A broken Car door means a serious lack of protection for the inmates of the house and for it's valuables.
Car Doors NYC team of great experts can handle any car door problem. We replace openers, fix car remotes and car door engines, and even change the doors itself if needed. We assure you to get the best service and the best price.

Call the Manhattan car locksmiths: 877-708-5877-

Queens Car locksmith

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Auto and car emergency lock service

There are not not many things more frustrating then trying to start your auto and breaking the key inside the ignition. One immediately starts to debate wither to take a cab (taxi) or just wait till the car locksmith arrives.
We are extremly happy to inform you that good locksmith service can arrive within 20 (twenty) minutes of your call, to any part of San Francisco. So although the switch cylinder situation does not look good at the moment, it can change for the better in no time.
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Everything you want to know about organic gardening and growing vegetables and fruits.

Car locksmith Staten Island

Thursday, March 26, 2009

garage doors for keeping your car

Most Americans have a garage for keeping thier car in a safe place at night
Garage doors are an important part of your garage. They can size up to 20 percent of the front of your home. size up to 20% of the front of your home.
Your garage is not only to park you car or vehicle : it is often your houmes largest entrance, And definitely deserves the security precautions that every entry door and window gets.

Call our new emergency service 877-708-5877

Sunday, March 22, 2009

key broken in ignition

What should we do and who should we call when our car key is broken inside the ignition switch?
Its obvious we can move our car anywhere. The only option is to call a key expert that can move the key from inside the ignition.
But that won't be enough, would it? maybe we dont have a spare key? Or maybe its miles away?
A true lock pick or car locksmith will provide you with rekey services: key duplication service to make you a brand new one to start youe car again.

Car locksmith Long Island, New York

Call this number 877-708-5877

Car locksmith USA

Locking your car keys in your car is one of the worst experiences someone can have.
Imagine a cold night- and you are standing helpless and wathching your keys in the ignition switch.
Its at these times that you regret you do not carry a set of spare keys in your bag.
So after calling your wife and seeing she is not in the area, you ask her to open her computer and find for you a lock pick. She types it in google to find 24 hour locksmith services that open locked cars and replace broken keys.
tha lockpick arives in no time. They open your car door lock and hand you your keys with a smile on their face: 200 bucks for 2 minutes work.
But who can you blame but yourself?

Car locksmith Bronx Our Number is 877-708-5877

locks and keys allabout

All locks have the same goal, and some even on the same form, albeit with noticeable fluctuations.
But these similarities, nor the fact that it takes a key or combination to open them, in no way makes them equal. Many locks and keys, and are used for many years, confirms this view. In the past, the skeleton key, it was everything that you need to get past the weak security locks offer at the time. Now, however? This is not the case. In those days, none of the key that could circumvent the security that many of the locks, with some notable exceptions, as the master keys, which have been specifically designed to open several locks on the same set.
Even these will help to refute the assertion that each lock is same as the other. Numerous innovations have led to the creation of the set of locks and keys, which work in the way of signing. Locks cars can now be switched off by pressing the button a few meters, the door is now open through the inclusion of maps in the appropriate slots, and are even locks that refuse to grant access to anyone without the key, and comparing fingerprint. More important than the differences through the variation, however, some lock actually unique in that they have taken security to another level.
These high security locks is virtually impossible to be opened by none other than their key. Moreover, they can easily be installed in his house, effectively improve your house security. These locks are different from conventional home gateway, which simply act as a deterent to thieves and shod gifted lock asemblers. High security locks are difficult to circumvent even the most crafty criminals, that in the unlikely event that you lost keys, you have to use the services of a pro lock company disengage them.

Call us 877-708-5877

car locksmith manhattan
car locksmith brooklyn

Friday, March 13, 2009

Security of business and offices

Protection of your business ans office with security cameras and alarm systems at Locksmith Las Vegas

Robert Zinman, security expert from Lockout company Las Vegas is advice on choosing a system of security for your business or for your office:
The best way out of the surveilence camera, also known as closed-circuit cameras. It not only scared of robers, but will keep you covered on insurance. Naturally, it also protects from the year-confidence issues.

Alarm something every company should maintain. Just make sure that it works, and that the company that runs it well.

Another thing, these are special locks and security doors. When rating the quality of the lock is not safe enough, then a metal security door can make this work.

Inside Business wise to keep safe, as well as the use of access control doors. these things to protect against looters with employee issues.

Remember: Put your faith in God, but do not forget to lock your door ...

Call our lock and key emergency team 877-708-5877