Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We are not the manufacturers

Hello all! Long time i did not write. I am glad to tell you that our Manhattan, NYC is growing and our service points in Harlem, the east village and all around the area are going very well, with many more new costumers every week.

There was one point we have to clear: We are car locksmiths - we are not the manufacturers of auto remotes aor car VAT keys. We repaur these and change locks and ignitions - but we do not make remotes and keys altogether. If you have lost one of these and do not have a spare- then it will not be enough that we will open your car with our locksmith tools. in such situation you will have to go to the car company.

So reember that we can do almost anything - but not everything. We do change ignition switches but we don't make a new key for an old ignition unless you have a spare that we can duplicate.

All the best and a Happy New Yaer and happy hollidays for all the religions and New York communities!

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